Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jam Rolex auto 1500, 6694 dark purple, Platinum Bezel auto Dark purple , Leandri gaint size, , Omega gold top, omega 18k solid gold, Timor solid gold, Rotary solid gold, Tissot 14k solid gold,.

18K solid Gold
Military Movement
How often do you see omega solid gold in subsecond ?
You will see them in Military Steel watch.
very old watch WW2
distinctively an antic
U got extra cash U should own it
No mistake, 
value will appreciate with time.
price of gold is there plus it's antic value
view further for 
Tissot 14k, Rotary & Timor solid gold


18k solid gold
military engine

14k solid gold
How often do you come across Tissot in solid gold?
look at the back 
thick gold
do not compare the new model Tissot and the older one like this.
we are here for vintage watches right.
the old model is a class above the new.

purple dial

Platinum Bezel
will not turn yellow
platinum is not white gold
a class above
1500 just the right size on your wrist
hug your wrist at this size
Rare item
Purple dial
solid gold

solid gold


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