Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jam Omega , Tudor, Titoni, Seiko, Rolex, Raymond Weil, Roamer, Bulova, West End, Waltham, Fortis untuk semua lapisan peminat Watch . Choose your partner and match

Choose and match the photo of the same watch. Pilih lah partner anda,,

If you want some one slim and yet like to play piano and not organ . Who do you choose?
If you like some one just like rolex's advertisement , very mature lady,, who do you choose?
If you are bored with standard colour and you wants a change . Who do you choose?
If you want some one neat and nice and like to play organ. Who do you choose?
If you like gold just like in Kelantan and Terrengganu .Who do you choose?
If you are very busy and always conscious of time. Who do choose?
If you really like antiq things . Who do you choose?
If you want something high class and yet conscious of expenses. Who do you choose?
If you are not enthusiated with gold yet you want something classic and yet not too outstanding. Who do you choose?

After you have chosen yur partner....Try to match the engine and the watch.
All for sale ,,, give me your price.

If your dream is some one who is like Cindy Crawford, slim and tall and yet you want her to be simple and not complicated. 
This rare Omega with engine 711 steel wide ultra sleek just like the fighter aircraft and bomber stealth ...selling rm3500 ,,, 
if You are an executive working in the office and a Omega collector ,, why not ? All the slim tall ladies going after you,,try it. Can't be a slim tall lady wearing giant diver watch , right?

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